Colston Bassett, Owthorpe and Cotgrave Great War Project

On 4 August 1914 at 11 pm Great Britain declared War on Germany. That war was to last for 4 years, claim the lives of 700,000 British servicemen and leave over 2 Million more with severe injuries. None of those who fought in that war remain alive today but their memory lives on through memorials in almost every City, Town and Village in the Country.Cotgrave War Memorial


The area of Nottinghamshire covered by the Colston Bassett, Owthorpe and Cotgrave Branch (CBOC) of the Royal British Legion contains 3 churches where the names of 32 soldiers who perished between 1914 and 1920 are recorded. Saint John The Divine church in Colston Bassett has 16 names on the war memorial, Saint Marys church Owthorpe has 2 names on the memorial plaque and All Saints church in Cotgrave has 14 names on the war memorial.

This CBOC Great War Project aims to commemorate the centenary of the Great War by recording as much information about the personal, family and military history of the 32 men on the memorials. This includes any known circumstances of their death and their resting place or commemoration. Not all the names were Parish residents and records regarding the memorials were lost many years ago.

All of the 32 names listed below have their own page. Clicking on any individual name will display the currently known details. On the page of each individual there is basic information about his Date of Birth, Death, Kin, and War Experience. The aim is to expand this as far as possible with the use of historical records, genealogical research, photos and, where possible, family evidence to try to ensure that these men are remembered.Roll of Honour scaled



              COLSTON BASSETT


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